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Well, duh, it’s an expensive hobby

Bitter notes gunnies have money:

Researchers found the average lifetime outlay for firearms, ammunition and other gear totals $20,219 per person. When purchases for licenses and lodging, food and fuel, magazines and meat processing, dues and contributions, and other associated items are added, the average lifetime grand total rises to $109,568 per person.

7 Responses to “Well, duh, it’s an expensive hobby”

  1. Erik Says:

    If my wife see’s this post we’re gonna have a problem.

  2. Ron W Says:

    I would say that I spend far less on shootin’ irons, accessories and activities than most people do on swingin’ irons, you know, golf. I also pump iron (all the equipment is there and virtually permanent) and even combined with shootin’ irons , ammo and such, I would still consider golf more expensive; not to mention those who regulary attend various sports like college and pro football, hockey , etc. Not to knock those, but travel, tickets, lodging, concessions, etc. can really cut into your discretionary spending.

  3. markm Says:

    If your a proper hunter, licenses and meat processing fees are far outweighed by the value of the meat.,

  4. robert Says:

    You gotta spend it on something!

  5. Ravenwood Says:

    Can’t take it with you. And remember, that’s an average. Your average person probably only has a $200 – $400 gun and some assorted gear. That means there are gun nuts out there who spend tens of thousands pulling up the average.

  6. Marc Says:

    Uh, I’m pulling up the average for a few of you guys out there. Firearms plus scopes plus magazines plus ammo plus components plus cases plus safes plus holsters and competition gear – I’ve spent well north of $20k.

    Magines as in gun mags? Years and years of different magazines add up but I have no idea.

    Add in match fees and travel costs, that pushes it up a lot more.

    What about association fees? NRA CRPA TSSA GOA SAF JPFO USPSA IDPA add up too.

    I ain’t dead yet, I’m sure (inshallah) that I’ll spend well over that $100k target before the end.

  7. Lergnom Says:

    I just read(don’t remember the site) that the lifetime total for all hunters and shooters topped $5 billion dollars.

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