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What media bias?

Chris asks Which is it:

Weird ellipses in a quote of Ford from this Tennessean article:

I was there, the Memphis Democrat said. I like football, and I like girls. I dont have no apologies for that.

WMCTV quotes him as:

I was there, he said. I like football, and I like girls. I have no apologies for that.

So which is it? Bad grammar or good grammar?

2 Responses to “What media bias?”

  1. countertop Says:


    If you watch the video you’ll see he says some unintelligible stuff that would warrant either the ellipses or the seperate sentences.

    I think it was an off the cuff response and neither bad grammer nor as a commentator at Chris’s theorizes, his attempt to be folksy (in an assumed less than forthright manner).

    I don’t like the guy . . . think he is a grade A cheeseball on the social party circuit here in DC . . . but can’t criticize him for either this comment (or the fact that he hangs out at the playboy mansion. . .who wouldn’t????)

  2. tgirsch Says:

    No playboy mansion. A playboy-sponsored party in Jacksonville, FL, nowhere near the mansion in California.

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