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Republicans Contemplating A Pink Purge

Ah, those silly bigoted Republicans. They still hate the gays, but now they’re a little conflicted about it. I guess that’s progress.

Some Christians, who are pivotal to the GOP’s get-out-the-vote effort, are charging that gay Republican staffers in Congress may have thwarted their legislative agenda. There even are calls for what some have dubbed a “pink purge” of high-ranking gay Republicans on Capitol Hill and in the administration.

One Response to “Republicans Contemplating A Pink Purge”

  1. The Bitch Girls :: GOP Actively Trying To Drive Voters Out? Says:

    […] They don’t understand that it’s not just gay conservatives they will lose, but all of those who don’t think legislating bedroom activities are a priority.  (Link stolen from Brutal Hugger.) […]

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