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Nothing but Internet

And some radio.

While perusing around Al Gore’s Tubes of Internets, I discovered that Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam was part of an anti-gun group. I wasn’t happy about it. In East Tennessee, this could be political suicide. So, I hopped back on Al Gore’s Tubes of Internets and wrote about it on my blog and over at No Silence Here, a blog at the local newspaper’s site. See here, here and here. As a result of that and some gratuitous links from Glenn Reynolds, Steve Gill talked to Haslam about it on the radio (audio here) and Haslam was put on the defensive. So, there was a bit of backlash from my effort. I poked the mayor with a stick.

But I’m disappointed. If you don’t read the blogs on Al Gore’s Tubes of Internets or listen to Steve Gill, you have no idea this is happening. I handed the local newspaper the story on a silver platter. I posted the story on their blog. I know that some local TeeVee folks read that blog and my blog. But, not a peep any where in the local press. Your average Knoxvillian (who’d likely not be happy about this) doesn’t know it happened.

But the local newspaper has some hard-hitting stories on beefcake, planting trees, and chainsaw sculpting.

I’m used to the press ignoring gun stories, particularly positive ones. But this lack of coverage seems odd. What’s up with that?

11 Responses to “Nothing but Internet”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    I’m guessing it’s because the mayor didn’t know how anti-gun the group was and moved his machine to keep the story squashed until he can sort things out?

    Either that, or it’s Bush’s fault. =P

  2. drstrangegun Says:

    I would love to see or hear how the group was “packaged” to Haslam… see if there were lies or disinformation involved in the recruiting.

  3. Magus Says:

    As for the media not doing the story, no blood–no foul so no story.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    So, he has to kill someone for a story?

  5. straightarrow Says:

    They aren’t enamored of liberty for “ordinary” citizens. Duh! Hence, tree sculpting.

  6. SayUncle » Non-explained Says:

    […] I criticized the local news for not covering the fact that the Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam belongs to an anti-gun group. Rich, who happened to be at the News Sentinel when I had my panties all bunched up, says: On the day in question, both the A and B sections of the paper were running long, and stories were getting bumped and trimmed to fit. I sat in on the final budget meeting of the day, and while Uncle’s story never came up, it was clear that there simply wasn’t room for another story. Add that to the balancing issues I discussed earlier, and you can understand more about how the story about Knoxville’s top bachelor made the cut. […]

  7. SayUncle » Haslam and guns v. The Shooting Wire Says:

    […] Well, the fourth estate here in Knoxville is silent. In their defense, they’re also generally silent on the mayor’s alliance in general much less that the Knoxville mayor is a member. […]

  8. SayUncle » SayUncle: Boycotting Pilot Oil Says:

    […] It’s now been over one month since I reported that Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam is a member of the Joyce Foundation-funded, anti-gun group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This has been mentioned on my site and linked by instapundit, NRA News, and other local blogs; and it has been covered by radio host Steve Gill. But I’ve heard nary a peep out of the local press regarding his membership in a group whose desire is to export New York City type gun controls to other cities (NY controls include licensing, registering, only celebrities and those political connections can get permits to carry weapons, and excessive fees). […]

  9. SayUncle » Water is wet; The sky is blue; Kids drink at prom parties Says:

    […] the Knoxville News Sentinel’s coverage of Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam belonging to an anti-gun group? None. I also recall some sort of property scandal covered here by #9 that’s also not news. […]

  10. SayUncle » Bodyslammed for lawful activity Says:

    […] the tone at the top from Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam is anti-gun. Why wouldn’t the cops […]

  11. SayUncle » Another one gone Says:

    […] think that’s six. Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam could be lucky number […]

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