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While I was out

Ford and Corker had a debate. I didn’t catch it but I’d imagine (based on the presence of the two guys) that Ford won. Knoxviews rounds it up.

North Korea has the bomb.

The world just got a bit scarier.

Update: AC disagrees on Ford:

In soundbites, in short burst interviews with reporters and in thirty second political ads, Ford comes across as an eager young Congressman looking to serve.

Usually smart and authentic, Saturday night he seemed none of those things.

In the debate, a one hour long form, in this blogger’s opinion, Junior’s style, which is so often his strength, became his weakness.

I guess I’ll have to watch it at some point.

7 Responses to “While I was out”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Corker and Ford have “contact us” links on their web-sites, but I can’t get any anwers out of them. I asked about the current clandestine plan for a North American Union and its precursor “executive agreement”, the “Security and Prosperity Partnership”, to subvert our Republic into a regional gov’t, but NO response. If they don’t answer questions now, neither are qualified to represent our State in the Senate. I will vote accordingly and not “waste my vote” on either of them!

    Only Ed Bryant gave me a direct answer on Kevin Wall’s WLAC townhall program before the primary election. He knew about it, opposed it and was very troubled by the secrecy of its planning. ( Even though it fits according to the dictionary definition, I won’t use the “c” word)

  2. Kleinheider Says:

    I didnt catch it but Id imagine (based on the presence of the two guys) that Ford won.

    You imagine wrong

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Really, do tell?

  4. Ron W Says:

    I suppose the questions for Corker and Ford were asked by the managed media or by approved questions from screened guests and tbat other ballot-qualified candidates were kept out–so that no unapproved issues or solutions are allowed to be mentioned thatt would embarrass or stump the “electable” candidates.

  5. Ron W Says:

    Even though I didn’t vote for Corker in the Republican Primary and don’t plan to vote for him in November (nor Ford), I can’t see why he is limiting debates with Ford. I thought he presented himself very well with Hilleary and Bryant in the last of their debates coming across as very calm and reasoned when they were on the attack. The only thing is that he doesn’t want to be seen as an apologist for Bush which he would have trouble not doing after benefitting from two big fund-raisers by the President.

  6. #9 Says:

    Maybe Ford was anxious, maybe too much coffee, but for a debate on his home turf he underperformed. Corker was good especially for Corker. A draw would be a victory for Corker but it wasn’t a draw. Corker looked and sounded more Senatorial.

    Somehow the populist appeal that Ford has in his television and radio commercials did not come across. The bigger story is Corker. Something that resembled passion was in Corker. When you talk as slowly as Corker passion is difficult to project. I wonder if he has been working with a voice and diction coach. While he is not the orator that Ford is this was a good performance for Corker.

    The next debate should be interesting.

    The real acting was at the end of the debate where they half hugged each other and both stepped into some disingenuous behavior.

  7. Xrlq Says:

    Usually smart and authentic…

    Perhaps so, in an Alice-in-Wonderland world where flunking the bar makes you smart, and lying about it makes you authentic.