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50 Caliber Institute Members Raided

The Fifty Caliber Institute reports:

The LA County Gun Task Force has served another search warrant on the home of another member of the fifty caliber community. On Monday September 18th, eighteen police cars swarmed the neighborhood where the FCSA member lives and served a search warrant signed by Judge Steven Kleifield of the LA County Superior Court. The officers were at the residence for several hours and confiscated all semi-automatic firearms belonging to the victim.

The probable cause for issuing the search warrant was not available in the body of the affidavit so the reason for the search is unknown at this time. It should be noted the LA Gun Task Force used “High Risk” entry tactics by sending a SWAT Entry team to make the initial entry into the victim’s residence. Gun owners in LA County need to be prepared to expect these kinds of entry tactics and respond to commands from any officers if you are contacted.

FCI wants everyone to be aware that the LA County Gun Task Force is lead by agents from BATFE; LAPD and LASO. They appear to have focused their attention on members of the fifty caliber community and are aggressively trying to arrest law abiding citizens for just being “Gun Owners”.

In the situation that occurred this past Monday the victim had his entire firearms collection seized and he was told charges are going to be filed because he had in his possession linked ammunition in quantities of more than 10 rounds of ammunition at a time. This has been interpreted as a violation of the “High Capacity Magazine” portion of the Assault Weapons Act in CA. The victim owns a Semi-auto M2; a semi-auto M3 and a 30 caliber semi-auto 1919

Everyone living in California needs to pay attention to what is happening in Los Angeles. This can happen to you simply because someone who knows about your firearms calls the LA Gun Task Force and gives them information they interpret as a violation of the Draconian Gun Laws they have been passing for the last five years.

So, linked ammo is a magazine? Doesn’t look to me like any of the weapons listed will even take linked ammo.

Via Kevin, who says:

As the New Jersey court said, “When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril.”

They keep this up, some of that peril is going to shift.

6 Responses to “50 Caliber Institute Members Raided”

  1. Jed Says:

    The 1919 would use linked ammo.

    Under the CA Act, “magazine” is defined as “any ammunition feeding device,” so any belt-fed weapon is probably automatically a violation, even without any linked ammo present.

  2. Ron W Says:

    BATFE agents need to be transferred to ICE where they do us some good; to deport the illegal aliens that state and local law enforcement are apprehending as was reported on the front-page of the Tennessean this morning.

  3. Fox Says:

    The M2, “Ma-Deuce”, is a .50 cal belt fed weapon… so it’d take linked ammo… didn’t know there were semi-auto versions available…

  4. straightarrow Says:

    Every one of those people have homes, they are not always together, they are not always suited up. They shop, they drive, they eat out, they date, in other words they can be had. Maybe it is time they were.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    It would seem to appear that Islamofascists are not the only ones waging war on Americans. If one wages war, one must expect at some time to reap some consequences.

  6. Nadia Says:

    Sounds like something right out of the novel by Matthew Braken, “Enemies: Foreign and Domestic”.

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