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Harold Ford on Guns – conclusion or not

Via Les (in comments) here‘s the text of HR 1086, which Harold Ford introduced. It says that:

To reform the manner in which firearms are manufactured and distributed by providing an incentive to State and local governments to bring claims for the rising costs of gun violence in their communities.

Les says:

since Ford introduced that anti-gun bill then itís perfectly fair to say heís anti-gun.

I would concur. Perhaps he learned his lesson since voted for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (which the media mischaracterizes as the gun immunity bill). Talk about a flip-flop, literally one extreme to the next. But it’s more likely political opportunism.

7 Responses to “Harold Ford on Guns – conclusion or not”

  1. Reggie Says:

    Good point. I guess it’s like Corker and his 180 on abortion. We either take these politicians on their word or their record. So like I trust that Bob is now pro-life, I also trust that wont voet to let these ridiculous lawsuits continue.

    My guess is that if elected Ford will be a very solid pro gun vote, because he knows if he screws the gun folks who trusted him enough to vote for him in 2006 that they will work balls out against in 2012. And sorry to say it, but everything in our political system is geared around elections.

  2. robert Says:

    Incumbents nearly always get MORE arrogant, rather than LESS arrogant as they age in office.

    Just think how a politician- even Hillary or Guiliani, could galvanize the gun vote by admitting they were seriously wrong and promising and promoting an aggressive pro-second amendment stance? Wouldn’t cost them a thing and they would be unbeatable.

  3. Ameliorations Says:

    […] Say Uncle calls it right when talking about Harold Ford Jr’s stance on guns. Do we really expect better from Tennessee’s most corrupt — morally and politically — family? […]

  4. Ed Buckby Says:

    I really hate to see guns brought back up politically. I was enjoying the calm.

    Being perceived as “anti-gun” now, especially in Tennessee who’s embraced the carry permit so favorably, is a serious political flaw. It’s what could hurt Guiliani, as well.

    I don’t know if you know this or not, but the Federal government is subsidizing local and State prosecutors to prosecute gun crime. In other words, if your local police department finds someone who MAY be chargeable with a gun crime, they get paid extra for it. Now, they DON’T have to convict. They simply have to prosecute. Think about that a bit. From a profits standpoint, local prosecuters will make more money for their departments doing after tougher cases that probably won’t plead out because the party is innocent. And multiple trials is a monetary bonus.

    Nice, huh?

  5. SayUncle » Corker on Guns Says:

    […] Of course, Ford has that whole introducing an anti-gun bill thing hanging over his head. […]

  6. William Noll Says:

    I would suggest that Harold Ford, Jr., is “pragmatic,” insofar as he has realiexed that being “antigun” in Tennessee is a losing proposition. Hence, he had flipped and has supported some pro gun legislation, but nothing that amounts to anything that will actually result in action.

    I attended a meeting about six years ago as a Tennessee Firearms Association member, and Ford said he supported the Second Amendment. However, his voting record at the time did not support that claim. Former president Bill Clinton summed it up that the NRA pretty much caused the defeat of a number of democratic candidates and “Junior” has recieved the message. At the meeting, Ford said he hadn’t joined the NRA because “no one had asked him;” Bill Huff pulled out an application and handed it to him and asked him to join. I would like all gun enthusiasts, whether sportsmen, hunters, permit holders or target shooters to ask “Junior” if he ever joined the NRA.

    The hunting license issue doesn’t mean much to me. I have a life time hunting license but I haven’t hunted since about 1955. I do have a carry permit and am a state certified hangun instructor, and would suggest that if “Junior” is going to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and shoot at truckers, he shouldn’t get a permit; gives us permit holders a bad name.

    Bottom line is that Ford is a Democrat and Tennessee doesn’t need a Demoncratic senator. We are considered “a swing state” in the race for the Senate and Ford would give the Democrats an additional vote that not only could enable them to regain control of the senate, but also start a rollback on the gun rights legislation that we have achieved over the past several years as well as possibly appointing liberal judges to the Supreme Court who could then “interpret” our Constitution as “a living documnt” to further their liberal aims.


  7. SayUncle » The Tennessee Senate Race - Part, err, a lot Says:

    […] So, Harold Ford, Jr. was on the radio again this morning. And he was again asked about two issues that were important to me. The first was guns. You may recall that I reported he told a little fib about his gun position a bit back where he claimed he had a B rating from the NRA but the NRA reported he had a C. This time, he said he had a B rating from the NRA for the last two years, which is probably a true statement. I’m sure he may have misspoke the first time. Good for him as it was an honest answer. However, Mr. Ford was definitely anti-gun up until 2003, which I figure is when he decided he’d make a play for Senate. And in 1999-2000 he introduced the anti-gun Gun Industry Responsibility Act, which encouraged governments to sue gun makers in civil court for gun damages. He has since voted for the the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms act, which prohibits frivolous suits against gun makers. A near total turn around. […]

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