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More gun misinformation in crime dramas

I’ve covered how TeeVee shows acclimimate people to civil liberties violations and gun misrepresentations before. here’s one:

Saw the best “Law and Order” episode last night, with about every liberal antigun cliche you could hope to see. White Male college student, upset over his medical school rejection(due to affirmative action quotas), goes postal on a group of female pre-med students in central park with a converted full auto pistol(supposed to be a Mac, but they used some other name in the show)The cops can’t use his confession so they go after both the FFL dealer(a kitchen dealer in PA naturally) and the guy who sold the “conversion kit”. Assistant DA sighs that anyone with “20 seconds and a screwdriver” could do the job. There was also some mumbo jumbo about how the shooter used a file on the barrell rifling immediately after the shooting so that ballistics wouldn’t be able to make a match. For some reason, the DA decides to go after the manufacturer of the pistol, located in Connecticut, and gets humiliated in court when the Judge tells him he has no standing to bring such a case. What a load of crap.

One Response to “More gun misinformation in crime dramas”

  1. k-romulus Says:

    well, Alphecca noted the following about Boston Legal (not exactly a “drama,” but you get the idea):

    (Quote from a news article about the new Brady Campaign president)
    “If you haven’t watched the show – and you should, because it’s a hoot – Crane is an aging attorney suffering from dementia who really, really loves guns. He loves them so much, in fact, he tends to shoot people from time to time.

    The character, played by former “Star Trek” icon Shatner, clearly is intended as a commentary on the intellect – or lack of it – of Second Amendment enthusiasts.

    “But Kelley keeps getting letters from gun lovers saying, ‘We need more characters like this!’ ” Helmke said.”

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