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More blogs on McCain-Feingold

Kim du Doit reiterates his pledge and notes:

Here’s my additional thought: if a conservative political organization doesn’t place a free ad on this site (or on the many others who have also adopted my pledge) to criticize a politician, then they deserve to lose their freedom of speech for being a bunch of spineless rodents.

Ayup. R. Neal asks:

It’s curious that this doesn’t get much play in the lefty blogosphere. Are we not supposed to be concerned about this? Seems like it could help Republicans more than Democrats this time around.

Rich says:

I Don’t Accept Ads

Never have. Probably never will.


I do accept editorial contributions, and those I find newsworthy will be given prominent display here at Shots Across The Bow. And since we are in an election cycle, coming up on November, it is obvious that contributions written by and about candidates for said elections are newsworthy. As such, anyone that wants to send in an editorial by or about any candidate in the upcoming elections is welcome to submit them to my regular email address, and I will see that they get the exposure they deserve.

Joe Public:

On the subject of campaign ads that name candidates, and not being able to run those ads within 60 days of an election, I think I’d like to solicit a couple. You know, to sow my wild revolutionary pamphleteer oats, or something like that.

8 Responses to “More blogs on McCain-Feingold”

  1. sammler Says:

    I think the whole name is most effective: “The McCain-Feingold Incumbent Protection Act.” All together now…

  2. TexasRainmaker Says:

    It is appropriate that the initials of this bill are “MF”…

  3. Terry Says:

    Actually the whole name, if truth in advertising were applied, would be
    “The McCain-Feingold incumbent protection/gut the first amendment act.”

  4. Pained Thomas Says:

    For some time now, I have referred to this as the “McCain-Feingold-Hitler-Stalin-Moussilini-Mao-Pol Pot-Saddam-Kim Jung Il First Amendment Desecration and Incumbent Protection Act”. Just wanted to give credit where credit is so richly due!

  5. Ed W. Says:

    I should set up a blog and do exactly this:

    Accept paid ads and political spots for the sum of 1.00 US Dollar, each. Then, when they come after me for the optimistically-targeted 9 or 10 dollars that I made, we go to court and debate jail time for me over these few dollars and show this legislation for what it is.

  6. USCitizen Says:

    Traction Control says, “I’m in.”

  7. physics geek Says:

    My blog is a little read, geeky sort. I post stupid jokes, articles about brewing beer and plugs for Linux OS. I plan to do ONLY political posts between now and election day. Or at least as close as I can come without going insane. McCain-Feingold is an abomination and I will defy it, offering free political ads to pretty much anyone who asks, even people that I don’t plan to vote for.

    Here’s my last post on the subject.

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