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For the children

Terry Frank on gay marriage:

The Professor is right. Gay marriage wonít affect my marriage at all. But he knows better than to act as if that will be the only fallout.

Ayup. But

Itís naive and disingenuous to state that teaching children in direct opposition to their parents beliefs is and will not be a potential problem. And given that school choice is nearly unanimously denied across this nation, I donít see how the argument is ignored.

I didn’t know they taught gay marriage in school. And, if they do, it’s rather the parents’ job to discuss such complex issues with their kids.

One Response to “For the children”

  1. countertop Says:

    They do up here in liberal la la land.

    Really, I think most of the conservative opposition to gays and other social issues (most, not all) would be done away with if schools simply focused on the three R (reading, writing, arithmatic) and the hard sciences (physics, chemistry) and left the moralizing and preaching and social studies shit out of the equation*.

    *I think they ought to also teach Western Civilization, U.S. History, and a basic course on how the government functions. I know the liberals hate Western Civ, but folks, our country and its principles were developed by folks of European descent and frankly having an understanding of how American Indians or African Tribes or Latin American Dictators did things is interesting but really of no relevance to a student trying to learn about how their government functions and why it works the way it does (though those other subjects might be useful in showcasing why our government is so successful compared to other forms, I just don’t trust 99.9999% of the teachers to be able to accomplish this).