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KT Ordnance update

Past coverage here. Kevin has the latest:

They can come in, steal your property, show no I.D., use a warrant that is so secret that the Sheriff could not see it, charge you with no crime, and then tell you, “we are keeping your property, and we will give/sell it to whomever we want.” If they do charge me (up to 5 years from now), and I win, will I get back my property that they sold/gave away to someone 5 years earlier? What do you think?

Remember, KT was raided. To date, no charges have been filed against them.

2 Responses to “KT Ordnance update”

  1. gattsuru Says:

    You would think this would be a Biven’s court thing, but apparently the right to privacy only exists for terrorists, not lawful citizens.

  2. Robert Says:

    Golly, it’s like the BATFE is at WAR with gunowners and dealers!

    Looks like they have decided to hang us separately, since we don’t hang together.

    Didn’t Richards wife miscarry last week?