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Flight bleg

What’s the cheapest place to get airline tickets? Trying to get to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous for as little as possible.

9 Responses to “Flight bleg”

  1. Les Jones Says:

    I don’t know if they’re the cheapest, but I use Expedia a lot. Check for combined travel/hotel/car deals. They tend to be a better value.

    Also check your airline if you belong to any programs. American Airlines had a ticket-and-hotel package that beat Expedia by quite a bit on our first trip to Manhattan, plus we got to use Melissa’s airmiles to pay for part of the trip.

  2. ben Says:

    What? Aigggrh! I wanna go, but I totally can’t make it this year. All the cool kids are gonna be there. Maybe I could hitch hike.

  3. Cam Says:

    I usually find good deals at Expedia. I’m going to try and make it as well, though it means three weekends in a row away from home.

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    Ben: If you can get as far as Portland Wed. night, you can share ride expenses and ride with Rivrdog from there!

    …… Mr. C.

  5. USCitizen Says:

    Hit and find out!

    I may be driving a ‘participant’ up from Dallas (if you can get airfare to Dallas it might save you some dough to ride the rest of the way with us).

  6. tgirsch Says:

    If air fares are higher than you want, and you don’t mind connections or waiting until last-minute to book, go to and look at package deals. I’m going to Milwaukee next weekend, and the cheapest air fares I could find through Orbitz and airline web sites with a 15-day advance purchase were around $360 per person. Through the aforementioned site, I was able to get air fare and a three-day car rental for $244 per person, including taxes and fees. They also do flight+hotel packages.

    Downside is the pricing is based on two or more travelers, so it’s a bit higher for one person, and that you can’t book more than about two and a half weeks in advance, so deals for those dates won’t start showing up until late September (I’d guess about three weeks hence).

    Alternatively, if you want to book in advance and don’t mind the drive to Nashville, check out Current best price on Orbitz (from TYS) is $459 for those dates; on Southwest (from BNA), it’s $344. And now that I look, Orbitz shows BNA to Reno on Frontier for $283 for those dates.

  7. tgirsch Says:

    P.S. Uncly, I might be in your neck of the woods Oct. 14-17-ish, work and school schedules permitting. At which time I might finally get to take you up on the range time and/or gun hand-me-downs that you owe me, and perhaps buy you the beer Kevin still owes you. (Not necessarily in that order.)

  8. Kevin Baker Says:

    Glad to hear you’re coming. It will be good to meet you in person!

  9. SayUncle » Trip confirmed; and fuck Delta airlines Says:

    […] It’s true. I’m heading to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. You may recall my bleg for advice on booking flights. The cheapest rate I found last week was at So, I proceeded to book my flight. After I went through, chose my flight, chose my return flight, entered credit card info and generally thought my transaction was done, their page gives me a message that they’re sorry, but they just sold out. No problem, I think, just pick a different departure flight. Same thing. All they way through the process (including giving them my credit card info), and they’re sorry but it just sold out. I did that three times total. I’ll never use Delta again. I used Expedia, who, while their price was only about $20 more, actually, you know, had fucking tickets to sell. […]