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Hot stud, your blog is so big. I want your blog in me right now.

Fun with blogs stats!

This comes up every once in a while in the Tennessee Blogosphere. The latest is from Adam (who I didn’t realize was still blogging at his old site), and he offers objective analysis of dick measuring err blog comparison of the folks listed in AC’s poll by listing sitemeter and technorati stats.

Every time these guys get into the cock appraisal, err, blog comparisons, they always leave off these Tennessee blogs (I put the sitemeter – technorati stats beside their name):

Donald Sensing 2,084 – 4493
Les Jones – 1,889 – 19323
Me – 1,351 – 4723 (mine are a bit inflated due to an instalanche but usually run about 1,100 – 1200)

Yeah, we’re still small compared to Reynolds but bigger than the other blogs listed in terms of pecker assessment, err, objective analysis. And I realize Adam was listing the blogs on AC’s poll. But it begs the question:

Why no love for the second, third and fourth place bloggers in this here state whenever there are man-muscles to be gauged, err, stats to be objectively analyzed?

Don’t get me wrong, we three are still third/fourth tier blogs but, err, we beat the others in terms of traffic and two of us beat the technorati spread. But no love even though our blogs can beat up your blogs?

5 Responses to “Hot stud, your blog is so big. I want your blog in me right now.”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    They no boom-boom Tennessee blogga.

    They too beaucoup.

  2. Les Jones Says:

    My site wins the award for “getting the most hits with the least attention paid to Web design.” 🙂

  3. Roger Abramson Says:

    Uncle, uncle, me love you long time!

  4. Tam Says:

    Gee, even if I gave a rat’s ass about politics, I would still be hopelessly trounced in a pissing contest.

  5. rich Says:

    I used to keep track of all that stuff, then I found myself writing for traffic instead of for me, so I took it all off.

    It turned something fun into work.