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More sticking it to the incumbent protection act

First, Kim. Then me. Then xrlq and Jolie Rouge. Now, two more of joined the pledge that the McCain-Feingold incumbent protection act err Campaign Finance Reform doesn’t apply to them:

Countertop is in.

As is Traction Control.

And Citizen’s Arrest is up for it too.

Bitter would but she has no ads. I hope to remedy that soon. You can also just do posts about ads.

And I hear another guy is thinking about it.

Will you take a pledge for free speech:

Any organization* that wants to run a political ad criticizing any politician in that window can do so here. Not only will I run the ad free, Iíll do a post on the ad on the front page.

4 Responses to “More sticking it to the incumbent protection act”

  1. DirtCrashr Says:

    I will, what I gotta do? So far I don’t run ads.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Well, you could put them in a blog post.

  3. gattsuru Says:

    Or just put an img src code and a php rotator script on a side bar. If anyone takes up my offer, that seems to be the easiest way to get things done.

  4. USCitizen Says:

    Thanks for the mention!