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You’ll put your eye out

Gun warnings are getting a bit, err, silly:

There is a new gun in town: a Swiss minigun the size of a key fob that can shoot an eye out, according to an Intelligence Bulletin from the Baltimore, Md. police obtained by ABC News.

You have to click the link to believe it. Via reader Chris.

7 Responses to “You’ll put your eye out”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    I guess these guys never took physics in high school. The spring from my ballpoint pen can also take out an eye at close range.

  2. markm Says:

    They certainly didn’t take the high school physics class I remember best – the lab where we measured the muzzle velocity of a .22 rifle.

  3. ben Says:

    Model of a Colt Python? What are they calling it? Colt Inchworm? Chambered in .0038 stoopid?

  4. Captain Holly Says:

    You guys are missing the most obvious eye-removing weapon: The Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Range Model Air Rifle with a Compass in the Stock and this Thing which tells time.

    Guaranteed to shoot anyone’s eye out.

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  7. drstrangegun Says:

    Baltimore police: “The arrival of this new gun has forced us to accept the fact that we’re a bunch of emasculated pansies, and we must make up for that with countless more no-knock raids.”