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Jeff needs your help

Jeff has a request for gunbloggers and commenters:

In the previous post, I showed how the NY Times is clearly biased against the “Stand Your Ground” — also known as Castle Doctrine — laws being passed around the country.

This morning on NBC’s Today Show they joined the fray, discussing the “iffy” case of a Florida Prostitute who didn’t run from an abusive “John” but shot him instead (one of the same stories used by the Times).

Missing from both the Times and the NBC News stories was the reason that Stand Your Ground laws were coming into being — the people who, in the past, were unfairly charged with crimes because they defended themselves and their loved ones.

It’s obvious that most of Main Stream Media is incapable of anything resembling unbiased reporting. So…

I need your help!

Many of you know of (or have blogged of) stories about people who used firearms to defend themselves from mutants and were then charged with serious crimes because of that. Or they were sued in civil court by family members (and greedy lawyers) of the shot perpetrators.

Can you locate your blog posts or newspaper stories about these cases and post links to them in the comments here? If you prefer, you can email them to me although with all the spam email I get, sometimes stuff gets lost.

Go help him out. I’ll search my archives later.

2 Responses to “Jeff needs your help”

  1. Jacob Says:

    I have some from New York listed under “Armed Citizen in New York” off our main website http://WWW.NYSRPA.ORG

  2. chris Says:

    They say shooting a pimp is a bad thing?

    My favorite line from Taxi Driver is when Deniro points the gun at Jody Foster’s pimp and says, right before he pulls the tirgger, “Suck on the Sport”.