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ATF continues it’s stellar year

Been a bad year for the ATF. So far:

A circuit court smacks them down for their ruling on model rockets;

An agent testified under oath that the NFRTR (the NFA weapons database) was corrupt

Having budget issues due to mismanagement;

Being investigated for breaking he law at Virginia gun shows.

And they’ve had funds cut for some of their rather, err, dubious programs.

Now, the ATF Director has resigned over excessive and lavish spending:

A report on ATF is expected soon from Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine, whose office has been investigating allegations that Truscott put through or proposed hundreds of thousands of dollars of unnecessary plan changes and upgrades to ATF’s new 438,000-square-foot headquarters. The building, under construction in northeastern Washington, is at least $19 million over budget.

Sources familiar with the project told the Washington Post this year that Truscott planned to buy, among other things, nearly $300,000 in extras for the new director’s suite, including a $65,000 conference table and more than $100,000 for hardwood floors, custom trim and other items. These sources described Truscott as overly focused on the building’s luxurious details, from soap dishes to tile colors and said he wasted valuable time with innumerable project meetings and field trips to the site

I guess I’d rather they spent the bucks on custom trim than more ninja outfits.

One Response to “ATF continues it’s stellar year”

  1. The Comedian Says:

    Something like this sort of overspending happened when they were building up the TSA.

    Working under a self-imposed deadline in 2003 and with little oversight, some TSA employees spared little expense to outfit the new Transportation Security Operations Center, ignored federal contracting rules and appeared to conceal their spending, according to the inspector general’s report. When the center opened in September 2003, it included a 4,200-square-foot gym for 79 employees that cost $350,000; seven kitchens outfitted with numerous appliances, including Sub-Zero refrigerators costing $3,000 each; and large offices — even for lower-level employees — equipped with cable television at a cost of $63,099 for three years.

    In fact, the guy that was running the TSA during all the overspendig for its offices, John W. Magaw, was the ex-director of the BATF.

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