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Must Have

Rhineland Arms makes an AR-15 style stock for the Ruger 10/22. Check it:

You can buy them at Numrich.

5 Responses to “Must Have”

  1. ColtCCO Says:

    I see a nice comfy Vltor stock and a MIAD on that thing, and start chuckling with glee. Must not spend any precious money on my 10/22…must not…


  2. chris Says:

    The Ruger 10-22 is a great base gun for a lot of configurations, and this is another cool one.

    I would like to have the ultralite version of it made by Magnum Research.

    Of course, a suppressed 10-22 would be pretty nice too.

  3. Captain Holly Says:

    Ain’t the 10/22 great?

  4. Adam Says:

    Whoa! That’s sweet!

    *No, MUST finish current projects..*


  5. Firehand Says:

    Dammit, one MORE neat thing to drool over…

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