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Good thing there’s no emergency

Or this would be illegal when that law passes:

The State of California, however, required that anyone who had such a rifle prior to the ban undergo a special registration with the California Department of Justice. More recently, California required the registration of 50 BMG rifles by April 30, 2006, after banning their sale and importation.

Surprise! Officers from the Los Angeles County Gun Task Force have now started serving search warrants to residents who are suspected of holding unregistered “Assault Rifles” including 50 BMG target rifles. This “task force” has reportedly confiscated firearms and issued felony charges on at least one individual who was deemed to be out of compliance. If convicted on a felony, that gun owner will never be allowed to legally own any firearms for the rest of his life.

And Xavier also notes:

It is beginning to appear that the confiscations in California are the work of a police informant, not the use of recorded sales of weapons to locate unregistered guns among multiple gun owners.

Can’t blame you for thinking that before. It has happened in the past.

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