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the little guy

Apparently, the biggest threat to positive urban development is the fact that people own property:

Fifty-one out of 73 parcels on the 22-acre site “exhibit one or more blight characteristics,” the study found, including buildings that are at least 50 percent vacant or are built to 60 percent or less of their allowable density. The study also noted that, before Forest City came along, 76 parties controlled the land making up the site. Such fragmented ownership, real estate developers say, is what makes large-scale private urban development difficult without government intervention.

The nerve of them, to own stuff.

5 Responses to “the little guy”

  1. #9 Says:

    People should only be allowed to own condos in urban areas. Otherwise developers and cities cannot achieve “proper density”. This idea of property rights is so last century.

    In Knoxville the little people had a little spat about this last night.

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    And how dare property owners build to only 60% of the allowable density!

    There oughtta be a law!


  3. Dope on the Slope Says:

    Thanks for the shout out SU!

    Otherwise developers and cities cannot achieve “proper density”.

    I’d say they’re pretty f*cking dense right now. They are robbing the economic future of a city with a lot of growth potential for short term gain. It’s stupid, but what the hell do they care?

    I suppose blaming a developer for feeding at the public trough is like blaming a tiger for eating Bambi. Instead, I blame the elected “public servants” who enable this behavior and do everything they can to prevent the public from intervening in any way. Liberals should be opposed to the situation because it denies a democratic voice to the little guy, Conservatives should oppose the interference with the free market and individual property rights. Unfortunately, I can’t find any Liberals or Conservatives holding public office. I can only find politicians who receive developer campaign contributions.

    This idea of property rights is so last century.

    Not exactly. The idea of the Middle Class having property rights is so last century. NYC is rapidly headed toward an Imperialist Russia type situation, with a very few landlords and a shitload of serfs. They’ll probably float barges in New York harbor to house the unskilled laborers within the decade and just pull them in for the workday. The house servants (programmers, accountants, low level attorneys, engineers, etc.) will be given cramped apartments in the subway tunnels.

    Brooklyn is the battlefront in NYC. It has the most “underdeveloped” land and the highest growth potential. Standing in the way of the city’s grand plans are dozens of well established neighborhoods with strong local identities. They recognize the need for additional housing, but they want to set the ground rules. The next five years will determine whether the Imperialists or the Humble Homeowners win this war. Mayor Bloomberg appointed a “Development Czar” for Brooklyn, so you can clearly see which side he is on.

  4. Alcibiades Says:

    Oh my god, OCP is coming for our houses. We need a cyborg cop.

  5. Lyle Says:

    All you need, to understand their world view, are the last few words, “…development difficult without government intervention.”

    Yup, if only they, in their superior wisdom and vision, could have more and more power, we’d all be living in a virtual heaven on Earth. But NO, we and our disgusting rights…

    Stock up on ammo and hone your skills whenever you hear talk like that. These people are extremely dangerous.

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