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Immanantizing the Eschaton

Oh glory day, the end is near! If you’re wrapped a little too tight around the cross, the appropriate reaction to Middle East turmoil is all-out celebration. Hooray for the end of the world and the people perverse enough to welcome it.

Praise God! We are chosen to be in these times and also watch and spread the word. Something inside me is exploding to get out, and I don’t know what it is. Its kind of like I want to do cartwheels around the neighborhood.

What’s especially brilliant is that the Rapture Ready website is down. It’s like their own private little end times over there.

6 Responses to “Immanantizing the Eschaton”

  1. Rustmeister Says:


    Still six years to go before end times/rapture/singularity.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    6 years? Should I start blowing my retirement on hookers and smack? 😉

  3. JustinB Says:

    To hell with that Uncle…I’m taking up smoking again!

  4. Joe P. Says:

    Keep your eye out for the fnords!

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    There are no fnords in the advertisements.

  6. Tam Says:

    Oh, boy! A war in Israel! That means Jesus is coming back!

    Just like he did in 1948, and 1956, 1967, and 1973!

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