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Gun links

All linky, no thinky. Busy today but here’s some stuff:

Gunner has a link to a nifty looking AK scope mount. I dig the Ultimak. Looks like the one gunner likes bolts to the gun to eliminate rocking and travel, which is a problem with most AK receiver mounts.

The gun buyback in Memphis nets 41 guns.

Like you and me, only better: It is fine for New York Judges to Keep Guns Under Their Robes While They are On the Bench. Or The first indication of an oppressive law is when the law makers exempt themselves from it.

The other biased Washington paper:

When it comes to combating our crime epidemic, the nation’s capital might learn something from the state of Florida, where it’s just been reported that the crime rate has dropped for the 14th straight year, to its lowest mark since 1971.

Jeff says: Buy Those Assault Weapons While You Can. Well, you should buy them any way.

TriggerFinger, who has been doing a great job keeping up the Parker v. DC case, also notes: The Supreme Court has repeatedly suggested an individual right. Yeah, I know:

– The Court has not been quiet on this subject as previously thought, using some form of the word “gun” in its decisions 2,910 times (gun, rifle, pistol, shotgun, firearm, etc., even Winchester five times) in 92 cases. Three dozen of the cases quote or mention the Second Amendment directly.

– Armed self defense with personally owned firearms is recognized and supported in more than a dozen cases, is a distinct right of American citizens, and an ancient “duty to retreat” is not obligatory.

– The often-cited Miller case from 1939 is inconclusive, which is why gun-rights and gun-control advocates both claim it supports their position. The record shows that the Court actually remanded this case back to the lower court for retrial and a hearing on the evidence, since there was no evidence presented. Because Miller had been murdered by that time and his co-defendant had taken a plea agreement, no retrial or evidentiary hearing was ever held.

– All 92 cases are reproduced to show what the Court has actually said. More than 1,000 interesting quotations are highlighted, and each case includes a plain-English description. A special “descriptive index” reduces each case to the firearms-related question(s) it answers.

Some crime guns in DC are coming from Iraq. Don’t they know that’s illegal?

One Response to “Gun links”

  1. robert Says:

    Hmmmm….so I wonder if it is possible to re-try Miller?

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