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On the ninjafying of the police

Popular Mechanics has a piece (with scary photos) on NYPD’s terrorism unit. Key quote:

“The response we usually get is, ‘Holy s—!'” Nieves says. “That’s the reaction we want. We are in the business of scaring people–we just want to scare the right people.”

Well, you’re not going to scare me as long as members of your crew put their Aimpoint Comp red dot sights on backwards (which they’ve been known to do):

5 Responses to “On the ninjafying of the police”

  1. Pierre Legrand Says:


    Oh well according to the Reality Based 5th Column there are no such things as threats so the man with the big arms won’t be needing his big scary weapon.

    Just dropped in to let you know that I blogrolled you. Terrific site every single time I come here I leave with a smile.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    We aim to please 😉

  3. Fox Says:

    Hey… that’s the guy with his aimpoint on backwards… heh.

  4. Captain Holly Says:

    I still get a kick out of a news story I once saw about the “heavily-armed” NYPD anti-terrorism units that were carrying…Mini-14s.

    I guess to a hoplophobic member of the MainStreamMedia, even a BB gun would qualify as a “heavy armament”.

  5. Ron W Says:

    The picture above is about the only time I’ve seen “assault weapons on the streets”. Oh, but we can’t “militarize the border”.

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