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Guns & crime

So, DC, how’s that gun ban working for you:

D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey reacted yesterday to a recent surge in homicides by declaring a “crime emergency,” a move that gives him the freedom to quickly adjust officers’ schedules and restrict their days off.

Thirteen people have been killed since July 1 in the District, and police are being pressured to take action by residents at community meetings and vigils to honor the dead. The victims included a popular store owner slain at closing time, a community activist killed in a park and a British citizen whose throat was slit in Georgetown.

And in Florida, which is the Brady Campaign’s idea of a gun-crazy state, how are things:

Well, the Palm Beach Post reports that Florida’s crime rates have fallen to the lowest level since 1971. “A telephone message left for comment after hours with the The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in Washington, D.C. was not immediately returned.”

2 Responses to “Guns & crime”

  1. chris Says:

    When it comes to fighting violent crime, those candlelight vigils work everytime.

    Maybe they need to bring Bloomberg in to help.

    Crime is a function of demographics, not access to guns.

    That is probably hate speech under the (unadopted, 465 page) EU Constitution, but it’s true.

    At the risk of hijacking this thread, when it comes to anti-gun insanity, nothing depicts it better than “Bill’s Gun Shop”, an Indi film I saw on On Demand a few nights ago.

    That’s right, it isn’t the gang-bangers who are at fault, it’s their guns.

    They would be a constructive force in the community if they only didn’t have guns.

  2. TFS Magnum Says:

    A Comparison Two Approaches to Crime

    So, is it better to let people defend themselves, or to disarm the law-abiding citizens in the face of violent crime?

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