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Felons with guns; and badges

One of them is illegal and one is not:

Former Officer with Criminal Record Wants Second Chance

A former Clarksville police officer said he deserves a second chance. Rudy Castro recently lost his badge after a background check revealed he has a criminal record.

Castro wouldn’t say what he did, but he said he committed a felony at the age of 18.

I would daresay that this man carried a weapon in his capacity as a police officer. I’m sure the ATF will pursue the case since felons can’t have guns, right?

One Response to “Felons with guns; and badges”

  1. SayUncle » Felons with badges - again Says:

    […] Regarding my post on a cop with a felony conviction who is a criminal, PawPaw writes: Third, here in Louisiana we recognize that people, good people, can make mistakes and our laws reflect that. […]

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