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Password protected AMMO

The next step past New Jersey’s demand for smart guns is “smart ammo“.

Well someone has come forward and patented it.

Meyerle is patenting a design for a modified cartridge that would be fired by a burst of high-frequency radio energy. But the energy would only ignite the charge if a solid-state switch within the cartridge had been activated. This would only happen if a password entered into the gun using a tiny keypad matched one stored in the cartridge.

When they are sold, cartridges could be programmed with a password that matches the purchaser’s gun. An owner could set the gun to request the password when it is reloaded, or to perform a biometric check before firing. The gun could also automatically lock itself after a pre-set period of time has passed since the password was entered.

The system would undoubtedly cost more than a conventional gun, but many firearm enthusiasts would surely pay a premium for such added security.

We likely would pay a premium, because some danmed politician will force us to.

8 Responses to “Password protected AMMO”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    If I want to kill myself I can find a more fun way to do it than having some sonofabitch shoot me while I am in input mode. However, I believe this apparatus should be standard issue for all New Jersey cops, aww Hell all cops everywhere. If this is such a boon to mankind , they being special and all should have it for law enforcement only distribution. Yeah, I like that. After all, they deserve it.

  2. Bob Says:

    Setting aside the idioting “code” idea, hf ignition seems like a pretty nice idea for some uses. Target shooting, hunting and sniper use might benefit from about as close to zero lock time as you can get. I don’t think I would trust it for any use where my life depended on it working though unless I could be convinced that the electronics and the ignition system were more reliable than a firing pin / primer system; I think that would be pretty hard to do (both being more reliable and convincing me).

    As for the “code” idea: BULLSHIT. You know the next thing they would require is that the “state” was able to broadcast a “disable” to all non-state ammo within some range of the transmitter — maybe they just build that into their guns. I don’t think so.

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  4. Ravenwood Says:

    And of course none of this will have ANY impact on crime.

  5. Dave thA Says:

    Wait until it is hacked and someone with an intelligent transmitter sets off every round in the vicinity…

  6. Stormy Dragon Says:

    The most annoying part is that if you have more than one gun that uses the same round, now you’re going to have sepparate sets of ammo for each one, and keep track of which bullets belong to which gun.

  7. gunner Says:

    Blue screen of death takes on a whole new meaning here people.

  8. Rustmeister Says:

    Blue screen of death takes on a whole new meaning here people.