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Wolves in sheeps’ clothing

The phony Fudds are at it again. Saving Hunters From the NRA:

On the negative side, some OWAA members criticized the new group as being “in favor of gun control.”

Ricker disputed that, of course, saying AHSA only wanted to get guns out of the hands of criminals and that hunters didn’t need machine guns to hunt.

Ricker also noted that America has 80 million gun owners, but the NRA only has 4 million members. He interprets this as a failure by NRA to represent gun owners and hunters because the vast majority has not joined.

NRA has been frequently criticized for its ultra-narrow focus on protecting Second Amendment rights even if it meant supporting the election of conservative, mostly republican, politicians who work hard to destroy the last wild habitat available to hunters. NRA does not support Wilderness designation and even supports more roads in roadless areas so hunters can have more access with jeeps and ATVs.

4 Responses to “Wolves in sheeps’ clothing”

  1. chris Says:

    The AHSA is a Trojan horse that was formed, and is operated, by liberals with strong DNC and anti-gun histories.

    It is a joke, which may explain the facts that it has virtually no members and even less cash.

    Look at its website and read the part about whether and how a gun owner should keep a self-defense weapon in the home.

    Nice try, guys.

  2. SayUncle » More on the AHSA Says:

    […] I mentioned it here. David has more on them, including: AHSA’s president, John Rosenthal, founded “Stop Handgun Violence,” and is as big a gungrabber as you will find. Their Board of Directors include honchos from Crime Guns Solutions, ex-BATF careerists who worked to give ammo to the gun maker lawsuits. CGS exec Gerald Nunziato had this to say: […]

  3. Lyle Says:

    I’d like one of them to explain, and in detail, exactly how any gun law is going to “get guns out of the hands of criminals.” What is being imagined here? “Hey criminal. Give me your guns, and then you can go about your business…”

    Any takers? Start with; “OK, so I’m a criminal wanting to buy a gun from my gangster friends…”

    Finish the story, filling in all the trials and tribulations the criminal is subject to because of any set of anti gun laws, keeping in mind that criminals don’t obey laws.

    Next I want a detailed account, from you antis, of the discussions that led to the drafting of the Second Amendment, and any exact quotes you can come up with, from the Founders, regarding the Second Amendment. Next I want you to give me the exact, word for word, not leaving out a comma, Oaths of Office taken by legislators in your respective states, and by Congresspersons. Chop chop!

  4. tgirsch Says:

    Wouldn’t they be sheep in wolves’ clothing? 🙂

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