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Drugs vs. Iraq

Tax cuts, terror wars, drug wars: choose two.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wants to end U.S. Army helicopter support for a joint U.S.-Bahamas drug-interdiction program that over the past two decades has resulted in hundreds of arrests and the seizure of tons of cocaine and marijuana. […]

But in a May 15 letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Rumsfeld said it was time after more than 20 years to shift the equipment elsewhere. The military is being stretched thin by the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and other commitments around the globe.

The Bahamas anti-drug program, Rumsfeld wrote, “now competes with resources necessary for the war on terrorism and other activities in support of our nation’s defense, with potential adverse effects on the military preparedness of the United States.”

Via the ever-excellent Drug War Rant.

One Response to “Drugs vs. Iraq”

  1. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    If it’s so damn important, let one of the law enforcement agencies do it.

    The job of DoD is killing people and breaking things, not catching druggies.