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So, this is what you pick?

Apparently, of the issues facing this country (such as, say, a war not going as planned, the fact congress thinks it’s above the law, etc., etc.), the President and Congress have decided to make the issue of the day about gay marriage. So, everything happening out there, and you pick gay cooties?

This is shameless political pandering. It’s an election year and this will get them support, they think. And, sadly, it will. It will get them support from folks with Ds and Rs after their names. So, watch the smoke and the mirrors and don’t worry about unimportant things while we set the stage to address dudes kissing.

Thankfully, there aren’t enough votes to pass the amendment.

4 Responses to “So, this is what you pick?”

  1. _Jon Says:

    what a bunch of crap.

    “Wag the Dog.”

  2. Terry Says:

    I know Uncle, that you aren’t opposed to gay marriage, but it really is an issue. For one, the voters of Nebraska voted on a marriage amendment that defined marriage as an institution between one man and one woman. I would consider that effort proper and worthy based on a state’s rights argument.

    However, a federal judge overturned the vote.

    You’re right that there aren’t enough votes to get it passed. But it is an issue, especially when parents in such places as Mass. are objecting to their 2nd graders being taught about homosexual lifestyles and are told by administrators that they can’t opt their children out because according to administrators “it’s legal in Mass.” The issue goes far beyond two people kissing. That’s not even the issue.

    I always appreciate your colorful posts however, no matter if I agree or not!

  3. Manish Says: me the issue is basic freedom. Freedom from the government telling you what guns you can own and freedom from the government deciding who can get married are two sides of the same coin.

  4. Zendo Deb Says:

    People are always going on about “attacks on their beliefs.” Well, the Jews have had their beliefs attacked for millenia, have been executed for their beliefs dating back to the explusion from England (just after the Crusades) the Inquisition down to the Holocaust. Yet they still manage to hold onto their beliefs.

    If you can’t teach your children to hold beliefs that are not held by the culture at large, you aren’t trying very hard. If your beliefs can’t stand up to a little opposition, then I submit you don’t have a very strong hold on your beliefs.

    For example…. given the cultural norm of the cheeseburger, or the hamburger and milkshake that became the standard fast-food meal since the 50’s, Jews still manage to hold onto the Kosher notion that eating beef and having milk or cheese at the same meal is wrong. Shrimp Cocktail – no. Lobster – no. BBQ pork – no. Catfish – no. All of these things that you see everywhere, and yet the Jews manage to hold onto their beliefs. Amazing that the Christians are so upset when their beliefs are called into the slightest question.

    Gay marriage falls into this category. Can’t teach your kids your values? That isn’t my fault. (I don’t happen to agree with your values, but hey…)

    Actually I don’t know why government is involved in what should be religious institution.

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