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Heat of the moment

In this post on a William J. Jefferson getting arrested for taking a bribe, you saw that I wrote:

If anything, those who are trusted to such office should be held to higher standards and should face more severe treatment when they break that trust.

To those congressmonkies protesting his treatment, I say on behalf of the American people: go fuck yourselves.

However, I initially wrote:

Rope. Tree. Congressmen. Some assembly required.

Despite the fact it was meant as a general statement to the congressweasels protesting the rather tame treatment of that warrant and acting as though they are better than others, I opted not to use that phrase because I discovered William J. Jefferson was black and I didn’t want to be accused of being a racist advocating lynching. And, of course, I say tame because it’s not like the agents stormed in and put 10 rounds of 9MM in his chest because he had less than an ounce of weed and a handgun carry permit. So, I left that out and opted for something slightly less offensive:

It’s nonsense like this that makes people want to grab their torches and pitchforks and storm the capitol.

But then, I thought, I don’t want to be accused of inciting violence. So, I left that out too. My thinking was that my initial rage would go away and I’d calm down the next day. You know, things better left unsaid. I figured the heat of the moment was weighing on me, that I’d get over it, and that I should be more cautious in what I wrote and that my cool head would prevail. I was wrong. I did not get over it. And that troubles me as I am not a particularly violent sort (yeah, says the guy with all the guns – ed.). I did all that before I published the post so no one saw that stuff. Though these things are usually my first thought, I eventually calm down and get over it. I usually take care not to say such things in the heat of the moment (despite thinking them frequently) for fear of being labeled an extremist. But this one, like Kelo, did not go away.

I was relieved, somewhat, to discover I wasn’t the only one particularly angered by this superiority complex from congress. In this post, insty writes:


Initially, though, the post said something about Bush be will be impeached. I have no proof but you’ll have to take my word for it. I didn’t grab a screen shot but know for damn certain I saw it. Looks to me like he had the same reconsideration and quickly changed what he wrote as well.

There is a certain advantage to remaining a bit cooler. Sure, I told congress to go fuck themselves but that doesn’t involve lynching nor does it involve pitch forks and storming the capitol. It’s rhetoric to display my dissatisfaction in a manner that is mostly non-specific and generally non-violent. Well, fuck that. Why? Because as insty noted:

President Bush stepped into the Justice Department’s constitutional confrontation with Congress on Thursday and ordered that documents seized in an FBI raid on a congressman’s office be sealed for 45 days.

And Radley said:

Congress now plans to hold a rare recess hearing on the “aggressive” raid on Rep. William Jefferson’s office, called “Reckless Justice: Did the Saturday Night Raid of Congress Trample the Constitution?”

There is no controversy in the treatment of William J. Jefferson. There is only controversy that William J. Jefferson and members of congress have betrayed the American people. And, worse, think they are above the laws that they are responsible for. Hastert’s only pissed because he’s next. So, if this attitude by congress that they are superior continues, I say:




Some assembly required.

Oh, and they can still go fuck themselves.

Tarring and feathering is good too.

10 Responses to “Heat of the moment”

  1. beerslurpy Says:

    I dont know about Jesse Jackson, but it never even occurred to me that Jefferson needed hanging for racial reasons. Until 2 days ago I thought he was a white guy who deserved a tree ride.

    I think congress is really setting itself up to take a hard fall on this one. Ask anyone on the street what they think of this and they are outraged at how they are circling the wagons around someone who is obviously a serious criminal.

  2. Marc Says:

    Dude, you are still remarkably restrained. The anger over this coupled with the immigration sellout including the platitudinous bullshit email billy frist sent out is friggin suicide. I hope we find them hangin from the trees before we get there. We’ll call it a new species of “strange fruit” but no sad songs will be sung about them. If there was any reason for term limits for all the bastards this is it. A one year term limit is too long but elections more frequent would be a problem too so let’s limit the muthafuckas to 12 months but only two months in session, at the start of the term. No pallsey wallsey before they get own to business and if the .gov shuts down – boo fucking hoo. No shutting down of public lands because the bastards had best abandon their jobs and no back pay for ass sitting either. Shut the motherfuckers down and let freedom ring. The air would smell sweeter and the birds would sing louder without the elitist bullshit handed out on a plate by the shit-for-brains legislators, executives and judiciary. Fuck them, the feds can go home to hell for all I care.

    You should see me if I was really pissed off.

  3. SayUncle » Back on my meds Says:

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  4. _Jon Says:

    Dude, it’s your blog – write what the fuck you want.

    There’s a header I read somewhere, it said; “Remember, I do this for *my* amusement” – or something like that…..

  5. Marc Says:

    What? No one else wanted to put their comment on this post? Why not?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Marc, spooked a bit I think. Or, you know, it’s friday before a long weekend.

  7. blounttruth Says:

    What gets me is the fact that this administration and congress has trampled the constitution in so many ways it is not funny. Imminent domain, Amnesty for illegals, the patriot act, NSA wiretapping, and many other items in which give the .gov unheard of powers that our constitution was designed to protect us from. They have basically crapped on us and used the fabric of our constitution to wipe their rich, corporate lobbyist loving rears with.
    Now a raid is conducted and all the dumb SOBs that are responsible for the deterioration of the constitution want to spray their defecation off of it and hold it over their heads for protection? These idiots should not be in office, they should not rule over “We the People” and as always nothing will be done. Vote libertarian and take the real members of organized crime out of office.


  8. #9 Says:

    Just vote. Period. The apathy and inaction of the citizens who can vote but choose not to is the greatest problem this nation has. It fuels the contempt of the members of Congress and it fuels the passion of this nation’s enemies.

    The idea that members of both parties in the House and Senate have come to the aid of Jefferson is proof that they only care about their mutual protection no matter what crimes they commit.

    There has been no “reckless justice”. House Speaker Dennis Hastert and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi have shown they believe that members of Congress are above the law.

    House Speaker Dennis Hastert and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi should be removed from office post haste. Their actions are as severe and criminal as those of William Jefferson.

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