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It’s a start

The TN eminent domain is on it’s way to the governor. Not the best bill, but it’s a start.

One Response to “It’s a start”

  1. metulj Says:

    Good start for TN. It warms my heart that TN can be more progressive about this issue than NJ or NY, where I am moving to and where I live now, respectively.

    Still, leave it to WATE to not understand what the Kelo ruling was:

    “The measure follows the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court ruling to give a Connecticut city the authority to seize property for a private development project.”

    I am not going to go into it because the commenter-most-likely-to-comment doesn’t understand the ruling and will start calling me ‘fat’ and a ‘collectivist.’

    Anyhow, I hope they tighten up the definition of ‘blight’ as well. Dilapidated buildings are blighted. Buildings full of poor people are not necessarily blighted, that is, unless you define “blight” as “poor people.”

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