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I told you

Yesterday, I said:

Gun control is about to become a major issue again. It died off for a bit but it is coming back and sooner than you think.

Now, just today, there were two anti-gun pieces I mentioned on this blog. I usually comment on those about twice a week. Also, the NRA notes:

Lest we become complacent, the following stories and editorials should remind us that the efforts to take away our 2nd Amendment rights have not abated.

Shooting Down The Gunmakers – New York Daily News

Seven Years After Columbine – Senator Carl Levin

Campaign For Rational Gun Laws – Seattle Times

It`s Time To Infringe On The Second Amendment – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Brady Campaign Pledges Support For Anti-Gun Mayors

I told you it was coming. Expect more. Now is the time to start calling your congressmonkeys and telling them what’s up. I mean it.

7 Responses to “I told you”

  1. t3rrible Says:

    The article from the Seattle Times is complete lunacy. The only silver lining is the fact that 99% of the comments on that article are pro 2A. The writer never had a chance with such a poorly written article anyway.

  2. beerslurpy Says:

    Hahahah love the columbine description “while police and S.W.A.T. team members frantically searched for two young gunmen”- yeah, if “frantically searched” means hid outside until the gunmen shot themselves after running out of victims.

    I’m not too concerned about this. The gun grabber echo chamber is getting smaller every year. We need to keep pushing for repeals and reforms and staying vigilant, but I’m not getting into a panic because liberal politicos are beating teh anti-gun drum again. Been happening for decades now.

  3. Rustmeister Says:

    Should we give props to the Seattle PI for honesty in their headline?

  4. Sebastian Says:

    I don’t know, I kind of like to keep gun owners at a low panic. If we get complacent, we’ll give momentum to the anti-gun folks again. If I recall, NRA membership before the assault weapons ban was much much lower than after. It took the AWB to wake people up. If we go back to sleep, we’ll wake up to some other POS legislation.

  5. Yosemite Sam Says:

    I’m scratching my head wondering why they think we should follow their exisiting and proposed gun control laws. According to the “immigrant” activists, it is just fine to ignore laws you don’t agree with. In fact, that attitude has the stamp of approval of the California Senate.

  6. Captain Holly Says:

    I’m not terribly worried about anything substantive happening. Democrats pushing gun control right now would be a Godsend to Republicans, a golden opportunity for the party to reconnect with its base while reminding moderates that the Demos are anti-gun. And the wiser Democrats know it.

    I agree that keeping gun owners scared is a good strategy. NRA/GOA memberships and gun sales all go up when there’s talk of gun control on the horizon.

  7. Pro-Gun Progressive » Time to Batten Down the Hatches? Says:

    […] That said, I for one never want to be accused of resting on our gun-rights laurels; in addition to the EJ Dionne editorial I had such a good time dismantling, we’ve seen a rash of poorly worded, ill-conceived editorials dashing across regional and national papers alike. Uncle has a nice list. We’ve also seen a bunch of snooty big city mayors getting together to gang up on the gun industry, mostly because they’re peeved that objects that are perfectly legal to buy in MD, PA, VA, WV, OH, CT, MA, NY State, etc. keep showing up in Boston, DC, New York City, etc. We should be prepared to weather the argument that we liberty minded folk (those of us in pretty much everywhere except San Fran, Boston, LA, NYC, and DC who rather fancy keeping the right of self-protection around) need to cut it out and restrict the freedoms we enjoy because people who live elsewhere can’t get their shit together (or prefer to be defenseless for some misguided reason). […]