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For you balls-out absolutists

Alphie brings our attention to:

On April 7, U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-La.) introduced S. 2599-the Senate companion bill to H.R. 5013, the “Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006” introduced on March 28, by U.S. Representative Bobby Jindal (R-La.). This NRA-supported bill would amend federal emergency statute laws to prohibit local authorities from confiscating lawfully owned firearms during times of disaster.

Now, I realize that gun absolutists would have a problem with this given that whole second amendment thing. But, good idea or not?

3 Responses to “For you balls-out absolutists”

  1. Publicola Says:

    You rang? 🙂

    I haven’t looked at the bill but generally the problem I have is a matter of language. By saying “legally owned firearms” one assuems that means legal prior to the confiscation order. But if a state has the ability to declare all arms contraband in a declared emergency then the arms are no longer “legal”, hence no protection is offered.

    Now statutory construction would tell us that such a law was meant to do something, but given the judicial climate I wouldn’t be surprised ot hear it argued that such a law just means the states cannot disarm their own national guard.

    & there’s the question of authority. If the feds were saying that the 2nd amendment precludes locals from stealing guns in a hurricane then I could get behind it. but if they’re taking their authority from the ICC then it can just as easily be used to further them biting us on our asses.

    Again this is all just off the top of my head as I haven’t read the bill. In general it’d be a good idea. Hell it was a good idea when it was part of the motivation to pass the 14th amendment. but alas good intent from congress doesn’t really mean that much. & since states & courts & the friggin feds routinely ignore those pesky constitutional provisions which should prevent this kinda thing from happening then I’m not going to put my faith in them following a mere statute.

  2. persimmon Says:

    If I were ever to buy a gun, it would be as a gesture of preparation for a disaster. During a disaster is precisely when a militia is necessary, and it was citizen militias that did the most good in the first few days after Katrina.

  3. Eagle Says:

    If anyone believes the Constitution and laws matter anymore it is only necessary to look at the illegal immigration problem to dispell yourself of that notion.

    This is no longer a government of by and for the people. It is a government run by venal politicians doing the bidding of big business. A few crumbs are occasionally thrown to the peasants, but only if big business doesn’t object.

    Louisiana currently has a number of bills in the legislature, aimed at insuring the citizens’ right to keep their firearms during any future declared emergencies. Various agencies from around the U.S. didn’t respect the U.S. Constitution in the aftermath of Katrina. I don’t expect things would be much different in future emergencies.