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Product review: Western Digital Electronic Hearing Protection

Finally got the $20 electronic hearing protection to the range. Impressions are that they’re not bad. They are definitely not as good as Pro-Ears but are better than standard hearing protection. They amplify soft sounds so you can hear people talk and make out the sounds of folks in other lanes loading magazines; and the block out loud sounds. In comments to the initial review, reader Fred wrote:

I reordered after your comment and they just arrived.

First impression is negative. I put the batteries in (a bad design in my opinion) and the indicator light turns on. I put it back together and the indicator light wonít turn on. Something seems to be sensitive to the stress when the cup is snapped in. It may be a defect only with this particular set, but . . .

Incidentally, the instructions are wrapped up with the warranty in the bottom of the package. Rather, mine were. They may also have problems with their packaging process.

I donít know whether Iíll bother to send them back under warranty since I have to pay to ship. Iíll probably just not deal with them again.

Perhaps he got a lemon or I got a top performer. My impression is that they are worth the $20. You get what you pay for so don’t buy these thinking they’re as good as Pro-Ears. They are not. But they are quite adequate and better than regular hearing protection.

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