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Give credit where credit is due

I have often criticized local newspapers and television media. One of the newspapers I often criticize is the Metro Pulse.

Not today.

In today’s unsigned editorial in the Metro Pulse, “Litigating commissioners threaten the whole Knox government” there is a fascinating analysis of the lawsuit brought forward by the “Hell no we won’t go five”. Hat tip to Betty Bean for the best name for the “It’s all about me five” also know as the, “Let’s play chicken with the Charter five”. Diane Jordan, David Collins, Billy Tindell, Phil Guthe, and John Griess supposedly decided to file a lawsuit to “seek clarification” about the Tennessee Supreme Court ruling on term limits for Knox County Commissioners. They did this supposedly to help the Knox County Election Commission. It’s all about helping.

Both the Knox County Election Commission and the Knoxville News Sentinel have said how much they feel this lawsuit will help bring “clarification” to the matter.


What it does show is how compromised this town really is and how compromised the local media can be.

The Metro Pulse editorial today delves into what the lawsuit is really about. It is about who else the law states must be term limited. It is about the Sheriff of Knox County. The Charter does not mention the Sheriff and he is exempt along with a few other offices because of the Charter.

Give the Metro Pulse it’s due, there are some strong statements in this editorial:

“The specious lawsuit brought by five term-limited county commissioners seeking to invalidate the Knox County Charter represents an uncharacteristic dereliction of duty on their part.

In a transparent attempt to cling to office, five commissioners have resorted to a claim that would cast doubt on the validity of just about every act of county government since the Charter took effect in 1990. In doing so, they have violated their oath of office, which includes a vow to defend the Charter of Knox County. That violation alone could well be grounds for their removal from office even before their terms expire in August.”

What the editorial does not address is who is behind this “specious” lawsuit and what the end game is? Is this from the desk of Mike Arms or possibly one of the many PR flacks in the Ragsdale camp? Is it an eleventh hour ploy to change the Charter to term limit the Sheriff? That would make Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale very happy because the single greatest impediment to Metro Government in Knox County is Sheriff Tim Hutchison. Mike Ragsdale must have Metro Government in Knox County to run for Governor.

One thing you can say about elections in Knox County. They are not dull. Hat tip to the Metro Pulse for an interesting editorial.

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