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How did that happen?

A Columbine-style shooting was thwarted through police work and tips from citizens. I mean I thought the only way to prevent this stuff was through closing the gun show loophole, passing bans on weapons that look like assault weapons, mandatory trigger locks, and marking bullets so that they are traceable?

4 Responses to “How did that happen?”

  1. tkdkerry Says:

    And if the police hadn’t been tipped off, they would have had their way in the Gun Free Killing Zone.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Yes, tkdkerry, and they would’ve locked down the place so none of the unarmed victims could escape the murderers. Israel stopped this type of thing long ago when terrorists were targeting schools by allowing principals and teachers to be armed. Armed murders are most effective in accomplishing mass murder with trapped, unarmed victims and the Gun-Free Zones keep it that way.

    Of course, the media coverage of the aftermath makes for better demagogic advocacy for more citizen disarmament for more criminal-safe zones.

  3. tkdkerry Says:

    That was indeed my point… as long as we continue in this marvelously stupendous idiocy of an absolute ban of all weapons in our schools, these little wastes of good heart-beats won’t have any disincentive. As it is, the mental image of a frantic liberal administrator running around in the gun-fire screaming “Play nice! Play nice!” isn’t so hard to imagine.

  4. FishOrMan Says:

    Sounds like it was more of a bad joke then police actually swooping in and saving our children. Darn, and America is soooo relying on them, too.

    We should have known when police said they had found “guns” in one of the boys room, with no mention of the type of weapons, (shotgun or hunting rifle?), and no amount of ammo, (or lack thereof), mentioned either.

    AP: Student Says Rumors Rampant Before Arrest

    “A student at the small-town high school where five teens are accused of planning an attack said Friday that rumors were rampant on the day before their arrest, prompting some schoolmates to tell the suspects: “Whatever you do, don’t shoot me.”

    Freshman Nathan Spriggs, 15, also said his friends, who are suspected of planning to shoot fellow students and school employees, told him they had posted a threat on the Internet as a joke and feared they would be suspended or expelled for doing it.”

    “Some students said they doubted the boys intended to carry out the threat and said they were not alarmed that authorities found guns in one suspect’s bedroom because it is not uncommon in rural Kansas for youths to have access to hunting weapons.”

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