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On Hobbs

If you’re not following it, Michael has a round up and R. Neal has the Cliff notes version.

It sucks. It was a hit piece and it may have resulted in Hobbs losing his job. If so, it’s another case of a fish-wrap, dog-training supply company with an ax to grind making someone’s life difficult for expressing themselves because, well, I don’t know why. Crushing of dissent.

I was going to address the free speech concern but Chris beat me to it:

… this has nothing to do with free speech, specifically, and everything to do with being beholden to our employers in general, in places where Polite, Professional Employees just donít have opinions.

It’s another good test case for why I prefer anonymity and pseudonymity. I concur with R. Neal:

It’s just blogging, folks. Pixels arranged on a screen. People take this shit way too seriously.

3 Responses to “On Hobbs”

  1. Volunteer Voters Says:

    The Scene Responds

    Liz Garrigan, editor of the Nashville Scene, responds to the news of Bill Hobbs’ resignation: The Nashville Post and Channel 2 have both reported that local blogger Bill Hobbs has resigned from his position at Belmont University following a Scene…

  2. RW Says:

    I’m going to try to find my post that I typed years back on this subject, but I predicted that the fringe spectrum of blogging would result in people acting out against their enemies and trying to personally damage them as much as possible. The only thing that hasn’t come true yet is someone physically assaulting someone else.

  3. Toys in the Attic » Blog Archive » I saw this coming Says:

    […] What’s next is getting someone canned because they did something that a hack didn’t like. More here. A partisan Democrat working for the Nashville Scene, shortly before he goes to work for a Democratic politician, went after Bill Hobbs job because he didn’t like what Bill Hobbs wrote. It will get worse. People’s personal lives are going to continue to be attacked, outed and/or destroyed, all because of partisan political hatred. And, until people on the “same side” as the slimeballs that commit such acts as John Spragens just did call them on the carpet and tell them that their attempts at McCarthyism will not be tolerated – and make no mistake, that’s what it is – it will continue. […]

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