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BB&T takes some heat

A while back, BB&T said it wouldn’t loan money for projectes taken via eminent domain. Now, a government agency is reacting:

The city’s urban renewal agency is looking to pull its $2.37 million out of BB&T because of the regional bank’s policy against loaning money for private projects that depend on eminent domain to obtain property.

Charleston Urban Renewal Authority members voted Wednesday to seek bids from other banks because they haven’t received answers from BB&T officials on the bank’s policy, said agency Director Pat Brown.

The authority has used its power to condemn property to help revitalize Charleston’s downtown. Once the property is condemned, it is sold to private developers.

2 Responses to “BB&T takes some heat”

  1. Xrlq Says:

    Too bad there’s no BB&T branch in my neighborhood, else I’d take my business there. In my neck of the woods, the only options are Wachovia and Bank of [There That Shall Not Be Named].

  2. scattershot Says:

    What state is your Charleston in please?

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