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More on AOWs – what about pistols?

As Nate said in comments, with the exception of a few target pistols, I don’t know of any modern pistol designed, made or intended to be fired with one hand. Most folks use a two-handed shooting stance. Are all handguns now AOWs? Seems they could be with the looseness of this ruling.

One Response to “More on AOWs – what about pistols?”

  1. Drake Says:

    I can believe that, but only because the market now dictates that a firearm can be made for any situation, shooting style, religion, race, creed and so forth. Hell Sig Sauer’s Anti-Snag model speaks to that I think.

    It’s kinda like the evolution of swords…broadsword, short sword, long sword, bastard, two-handed. It certainly appears most full size combat autos are two-handers these days. My 10mm and HK Tactical can be shot with one-hand but my hands are moderately sized and I am not as accurate, obviously. In a self-defense situation it might be easier to knock my pistol out of one of my hands because the grip is so damn big.

    I think the industry is saying, “If you want to shoot one-haned go for a compact”

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