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Announcement: East Tennessee Spring Blogger Shoot

I have finalized plans for the Blogger Shoot, which, contrary to what some think, does not involve shooting at bloggers. Everyone is invited and here are the details:

Who: Invitation is open to all. Bloggers, readers, lurkers, reporters, gun nuts, hoplophobes, or anybody else.

What: Spring Time Blogger Shoot. We will have the entire indoor range to ourselves.

When: Sunday, April 23, 2006. Arrive at about 4:45p.m(ish) and we will begin shooting at 5:00 and last at least until 6:00

Where: Coal Creek Armory, you can find a map and directions here

What you need to know: The four rules of firearms safety:

1. All guns are always loaded

2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until youre ready to fire

4. Be sure of your target and whats behind it

What you need to bring: $10 for range time is all that is required. However, some additional recommendations are:

Glasses, if you wear them

A hat with a bill (such as a baseball cap). This will prevent any warm brass from bouncing off your forehead

Comfortable shoes and clothing

Additional money, in case you need more targets, ammunition, or have the urge to buy something

If you wish to bring your own weapon, thats great. But it is not required. There will be plenty there for you to shoot. If you do bring your own, pistol calibers only

An open mind: Listen to what the Coal Creek staff have to say and follow their instructions. Its for safetys sake.

Future event: There is planning underway for a second outdoor shoot later in the spring to give folks a try at various non-pistol calibers.

Thanks to the folks at Coal Creek for giving us the space.

If you plan on attending, leave a comment or shoot me an email so we can get a decent count.

I’ll post this announcement again in the future.

5 Responses to “Announcement: East Tennessee Spring Blogger Shoot”

  1. mks Says:

    I’ll shoot for it. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Benz Says:

    I’m hoping to make it. I have a meeting in Denver that Monday and might need to fly out Sunday night. If I don’t, count me in.

  3. Tam Says:

    I will, obviously, be there. 😉

  4. Kirk Says:


    532 miles. A tank and a half of gas and 8 hours… I wonder if I would make the furthest distance traveled???


  5. SayUncle Says:

    Kirk, I would say yes 😉

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