More on the Myspace kid

The myspace kid who posed with guns (mentioned here) has been convicted even though he has committed no crime:

An Evergreen high school student who posted Internet photos of himself posing with guns was convicted Tuesday on a charge of possession of a handgun by a juvenile.

The conviction came despite his parents’ testimony that they gave him permission to handle guns in their home without their supervision.

Colorado law prohibits possession of a handgun by a juvenile, but permits parents to give them permission to possess guns in their homes, even without supervision.

You got that? No crime but scary images means you’re guilty in Colorado. All it took was calling forth images of Columbine:

“This is a very difficult case,” defense attorney Barrett Weisz said in his closing argument after a trial that began Friday.

“We have pictures that raise images of the Columbine massacre. But if we set the specter of Columbine aside,” he argued, the boy should be acquitted and sent home.

This case is not difficult. The kid broke no law and this case is black and fucking white. I don’t know how the juvenile system works in Colorado but here in TN, it’s pretty much the judge’s call when it comes to convictions. It seems it’s similar in Colorado:

But Jefferson County District Judge Brian Boatright said that permission had limits.

“That doesn’t mean juveniles could run around the house and do whatever he wanted with the gun,” Boatright said, noting that the father testified that the boys were not allowed to load or fire the weapons unless he was present.

Sorry, Boatright, but you need get treated for rectal-cranial inversion.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen the pics and the kid is pretty screwed up. So, send him to counseling instead of convicting him of a non-crime.

2 Responses to “More on the Myspace kid”

  1. rpm says:

    “For the good of the public, yo.” This is not an excuse. Welcome to the aughties.

    Get those fucking judges out of the fucking system, please.

  2. wrangler5 says:

    Any chance the judge and prosecutor can be sued for abuse of office? Or impeached? In any event they should both be disbarred and lobotomized, to keep them from becoming stars on left wing talk shows.

    I’m becoming a stronger and stronger believer in the philosophy that “true lilberty means letting other people do thinks you don’t like.”