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Blogger Shoot

This is a post to gauge (heh!) interest in a local blogger/reader/whoever else shoot. I’ve been trying to coordinate the event with Tam (and by coordinate, I mean I mentioned it to her once and she said she’d check on prices) where a group of us get access to Coal Creek Armory’s indoor range after hours for some blasting. If you’re local or within driving distance, leave a comment if you’re interested. I’d like to get a decent count of potential participants before booking a space. It will probably be a Sunday evening.

Newbies, old-pros, gun-fearing-wussies, ATF agents, reporters, hoplophobes, gun nuts, and people of all stripes are welcome too. You might learn something.

We’ve had these in the past (a few times) and they are great fun.

I’m also trying to coordinate one at an outdoor range to give folks a chance to shoot some evil black rifles, though there will be an evil black rifle in 9mm at the indoor range. If anyone has a suggestion on a place that is unsupervised (sorry, nothing turns a newbie off like a range Nazi), let me know.

16 Responses to “Blogger Shoot”

  1. countertop Says:

    I’d be much more interested in an outdoor shoot this time of year. Not sure when I am headed down again though.

  2. mks Says:

    I’m interested.

  3. rich Says:

    count me in. And I may be able to get us a place for an outdoors shoot.

  4. Jay G Says:

    sorry, nothing turns a newbie off like a range Nazi

    I’d offer that getting shot by someone with poor muzzle/trigger control would be a larger turn-off…

  5. SayUncle Says:

    Rich, let me know where.

    Jay, wrong kind of range nazi. I appreciate safety but i mean the kind like this.

  6. Joseph A Nagy Jr Says:

    Let me talk to my fiancee, but I think I can swing a Sunday evening in about two weeks.

  7. Curly Says:

    Let me know where and when. I’ll be there if I can.

  8. Jay G Says:


    Cheerfully withdrawn. My apologies. Should have known better…

    Now… How ’bout getting something together a little further north??? 😉

  9. tgirsch Says:

    I’d suggest Nashville for a centrally-located Rocky Top shootfest. But being at the opposite end of the state, I would suggest that. (Also, I’d suggest a Saturday or a Sunday early afternoon, so that the non-locals would have time to drive back to wherever it is they’re coming from…)

  10. countertop Says:

    Hasn’t Oleg Volk organized a couple of out of doors High Road shoots around Nashville? I thought he had a farm he would use.

    Heck, if you want to head just over the border into Georgia from Chattanooga, I know a great little spot and trust me, you won’t run into any Range Nazi problems.

  11. Chris Wage Says:

    I just met Oleg on Saturday, I should have asked.

    nashville would be nice. I could possibly take a roadtrip out east, though.

    Maybe if some free time suddenly, magically, materializes.

  12. Tam Says:

    “…though there will be an evil black rifle in 9mm at the indoor range.”

    Also an evil green rifle in 9mm.

    I [i]might[/i] be able to arrange some 5.56 demo firings, too, if I can scare up a new source of frangibles.

  13. Tam Says:

    Boy, there’s the reflexes of somebody who’s spent way too long in UBB and vBulletin… 😉

  14. Benz Says:

    Count me in. Can’t do this weekend, but next is looking good …

  15. SayUncle Says:

    Next weekend is Easter.

  16. Knob Creeker Says:


    I live about an hour north (just over the line), but would be willing to drive down for a shoot. I’ve been reading your blog for a while & most of the folks around here seem like good gun lovin’ folks. Got the machinegun shoot this weekend, Easter next, but after that I should be good to go.

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