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Eminent Domain Poll Numbers

Terry Frank notes some polling info related to eminent domain. Most striking:

Should local governments be able to seize homes for private economic development that will produce jobs and tax revenue?

Yes: 4.63%

No: 93.57%

Sounds like near total opposition to me.

One Response to “Eminent Domain Poll Numbers”

  1. Property Rights Says:

    Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale said on WBIR’s “Inside Tennessee” that there is no eminent domain abuse in Knox County or Tennessee.

    Local attorney Don Bosch agreed with the Mayor and added that “one of the great things is that if you donít agree with what the government takes your property for you get the right to a jury trial with 12 citizens in that box who generally donít the idea of eminent domain.” Bosch also added, “I represent people that have their property taken.”

    Read the transcript here:

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