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TN anti-confiscation bill update

Bob Krumm notes:

Senator Mark Norris’ bill to deny government the authority to use an emergency as justification for confiscating lawfully-owned weapons passed the State Senate 28-2 on Monday.

Overall, I like the idea of the bill. But said confiscation was already illegal in New Orleans when it happened and that didn’t stop the confiscations. I guess this sort of bill would give something else to charge violators with.

6 Responses to “TN anti-confiscation bill update”

  1. Bob K Says:

    In New Orleans, was it illegal or unconstitutional? Obviously, the latter. But if there isn’t a statute, then the offending party can’t be charged with a crime–they can only be sued for redress.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Good point, bob.

  3. Debbie Says:

    We see how well things turned out in New Orleans. Innocent citizens could not protect themselves or their property/businesses. Mayor Nagin and his crowd are being sued now for their actions and that won’t happen again there. If it ever happened in Tennessee I think gun owners would rebel. Remember the saying, “Out of my cold-dead-hands”, ha

  4. Rustmeister Says:

    Who were the 2 who voted against it?

  5. lamont cranston Says:

    “Gee, I thought they were gangbanger’s dressed up as cops, as I had not done anything wrong…….”

    “Do you have any guns in there”?

    “If I did, it would’nt be any of your business”………

    “Get off my property unless you have a warrant.”

    “We’re just checking for…..”

    “I already checked, your assistance is not needed or wanted here, unless you have a warrant, or LAWFUL purpose for being here, get the fuck off my land.”

    As for ATF garbage,

    All gun owner’s need a digital video camera. It would be helpful if gun owner’s had neighbours who are also gun owner’s who can start filming these assholes when they show up. They will of course try to say that someone on the sidewalk filming them is interfering with them in the performance of their duites…….lying scumbags. They need their fucking leash yanked big time. Can’t wait to see how the abuse hearings come out…….

    Abolish ATF, send the explosives guys to the FBI, and send the rest of them back to the police dept’s. a lot of them were recruited from.

    They are fucking TAX collector’s, nothing more, law enforcement wanna-be’s.

  6. Ron W Says:

    The bill passing in the Senate is good news, but I wonder how it will do or did in a House sub-committee where Naifeh’s well-placed operatives “shoot down” any pro armed self-defense bills before they can go to the full House for a vote.

    And lamont wrote,”Abolish ATF, send the explosives guys to the FBI, and send the rest of them back to the police dept’s. a lot of them were recruited from.”

    Yes! Great idea or put them in the Border Patrol send them and their guns to the southern border where they can do us some good by stopping the illegal invasion and armed incursions of our country.

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