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Metropulse and ED

Terry Frank on the Metropulse’s recent love affair with the hideous practice of eminent domain:

Recently I asked of Bill Lyons, Director of Policy Development for the Mayor Haslam and the City of Knoxville, or if his Metro Pulse staffer wife, Gay, had written, influenced, or contributed to an editorial hit-piece in the Metro Pulse which slammed legislators who are working to protect private property rights.

It remains a possibility. But then again, maybe the editorial was written or influenced by Senior Pulse editor Barry Henderson. After all, Henderson’s wife used to hold the same position Bill Lyons does now and I could see him being sympathetic to the eminent domain argument.

Or then again, maybe the article was ordered, written, or influenced by Metro Pulse publisher and real estate developer Brian Conley.

Does Conley have an interest in any possible eminent domain seizures? I’m looking.

I’d be interested in knowing.

5 Responses to “Metropulse and ED”

  1. Tam Says:

    You misspelled “Metropus”. đŸ˜‰

  2. persimmon Says:

    You all should boycott all things associated with this “hideous” practice. Saddle up the horse and stock up on candles! Voluntarily pay higher taxes so governments are not tempted to rehab and revitalize to increase revenues! Let the revolution begin!

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Persimmon, There’s a distinction between legitimate public use and abuse.

  4. persimmon Says:

    There sure is. The Metro Pulse “hit piece” discussed that distinction. So did the Supreme Court when deciding the Kelo case.

    There is also a distinction between legitimate criticism of an editorial position and unsupported allegations of conflicts of interest. If you or Terry Frank have any evidence of Conley or the city abusing eminent domain, let’s hear it. If you have counterpoints to arguments made in that editorial, let’s hear them.

    If all you have is empty sensationalism, saddle up and alert the press to your noble protestations!

  5. Property Rights Says:

    There is a history of eminent domain abuse at KCDC.

    You can read more here:

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