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ATF Hearings – Round 2

Looks like the House judiciary committee is having more hearings on ATF abuses in Richmond.

5 Responses to “ATF Hearings – Round 2”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    Where did you hear it would cover ATF abuses in Richmond? The title for this one (your above link) does not include “gun show”, like the last one did:

    And BTW, there’s still no promised “transcript of the Q&A” for the above link, for that first hearing, almost a month later.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I have my sources 😉

  3. SayUncle » Scoot update - 2 Says:

    […] They’re holding him until a hearing on 3/28, which oddly coincides with ATF abuse hearings. They seem to have dropped the machine gun angle and are going for the manufacturing without a license angle. No mention of MGs on the paperwork, according to his girlfriend. They took: drawings, guns, parts, gun magazines, magazines that you read, books, his computers, his Wal-Mart WWB ammo, tools, digital camera, his pull along trailer, and his address book. Some of those don’t seem consistent with gun crimes, if you ask me. They stated he had drawings, precision milling machines, aluminum blocks, and was operating as a manufacturer. […]

  4. Ninth Stage » Blog Archive » ATF Hearings Says:

    […] Second round of BATFE Oversight Hearing coming March 28. […]

  5. Scott Hildreth Says:

    I was just set-up by the ATF in Kansas in a similar sting, and after 2 years, just got through the court battle…..Successfully, I might add. I can be of assistance, and I’m sure-after 2 years of legal research-I can help. The fact that your friend is a felon, and in possession of firearms is a serious crime. 18 USC 922(g) carries a 5 year sentence. There are ways, however, and cases that support his exoneration from the crime as long as he did not cross state lines with the fireams. Federal Court, however, recognizes a felony of less than 10 years as a felony. His, from what I read, was 9 years. The interstate commerce clause is written into 18 USC 922 (g)- “felon in possession”, which has a ‘mens rea’ clause, or, in other words, they must prove that he was ‘of an evil mind’. If he was of the understanding he was not committing criminal acts, as long as he doesn’t talk to the fed’s too much…. He’ll possibly be ok. What state are you in, or do you know what circuit in fed court? The 9th circuit has great “commerce clause’ language writtin into law.

    Let me know if I can help.

    Scott Hildreth



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