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SBRs, AOWs and Rifles

Chris talks about the differences in short barreled rifles and any other weapons (AOWs) to avoid getting into hot water with the ATF. Of note is that the AOW classification may depend on where you live. There was a case in SC where the court told the ATF that their classification of AOW was too broad. Not too surprising since they basically use the equation that if itís not a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, it must be an AOW. Still, not worth the risk as the ATF will still try to prosecute you no matter how many times the courts slap them around.

One Response to “SBRs, AOWs and Rifles”

  1. _Jon Says:

    A buddy of mine was convicted for selling a gun with too short of a barrel on it.
    He had the longer one in the case with it, but at the time he handed it to the agent, it had the short barrel. The kicker – and an example of how *evil* the ATF agents are – is that this guy specifically asked him to put the short barrel on it when they were still discussing the purchase. My buddy left the short barrel on it without giving it a second thought. Now he’s a felon.

    “We’re from the Government and we’re here to f_ck you up the a$s with a frozen studded dildo.”

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