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Women and guns

More women are packing:

More women, from soccer moms to professionals like the ones at the Blue Ridge Arsenal gun range in Chantilly, Va., are packing heat for sport, self-empowerment and protection.

“I am a short, chubby housewife,” said Jaque Blundell of Arlington, Va. “I’m not as scared of the bad guys, because the guns are my great equalizer.”

The gun industry is catering to women with everything from more girly guns and apparel to all-female hunting trips and free ladies nights at the range. It’s clear the feminine touch is adding up to big business.

“A quarter to a third of all our customers here are women shooters,” said Keith Weaver, who works at the Blue Ridge Arsenal.

Five years ago, the National Rifle Association offered just 13 firearms training classes for women. Today, there are more than 200 nationwide.

Don’t tell egalia.

9 Responses to “Women and guns”

  1. mks Says:

    I was out at Coal Creek a couple of weeks ago and I was talking with Tam. She was telling me their Tuesday nights for women are packed, and that they are having to expand their parking lot.

  2. Justin Says:

    They have needed to expand their parking lot for a looong time. Wonder if the range is next to be expanded?

  3. countertop Says:

    Blue Ridge or Coal Creek?

  4. Kit Says:

    Awww! Blue Ridge Arsenal is where I learned to shoot and where I bought my first handgun (1911 – Kimber Pro Carry II). They’re very chick-friendly over there.

  5. lobbygow Says:

    When I met my wife nearly seven years ago, she described herseld as a “gun totin’ liberal.” My dad is a gun afficianado and lifelong NRA member, but my mom is the better shot (and the better golfer). When I was a kid in the 70s, a favorite portrait on our rec room wall was of my mom and one of our family friends, a slightly built woman who was a mean CPA, each holding a 44 magnum.

    I grew up with the idea that women and guns were as natural as country ham with redeye gravy. Where is Angie Dickenson when you need her?

  6. lobbygow Says:

    Actually that’s “Angie Dickinson” to be exact. Forgive me “Sgt. Pepper.”

  7. MicroWeasel Says:

    One thing ive never admired about “woman’s guns” is that they all seem to generaly be .22 cal. compact pistols. not to say they arent sexy and that sort of thing, but when i see a woman with a nice heafty 45, 357 or 44mag, respect and hormones course through my veins like the fourth of july! Also, bigger guns do 2 things to criminals,.. say a sex offender or what have you was looking to victimize some random woman, and say this woman carried a 44 mag on her hip.. said criminal would be severely intimidated by the gun and most likely not harm the woman. also a .22 cal pistol does not do much in the way of knockdown, however a 44 mag would sufficiantly stop and criminal… or bear.

  8. MicroWeasel Says:

    P.S. PMS and guns do NOT mix, its like drinking and driving, just please! dont do it. case in point, what happens when a lady officer is menstrating and pulls you over? one slip of the tounge and BAM! that could be it for you!

  9. drstrangegun Says:

    MicroWeasel, I sincerely hope you don’t actually think like that…