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Gun sales up

In Iraq.

2 Responses to “Gun sales up”

  1. countertop Says:

    Had a very intersting cab ride yesterday with a guy from Ethiopia. He couldn’t say a single nice thnig about the UN. Accussed Kofi Annan of being responsible for all the slaughters current;y going on because they have disarmed the innocent and allowd the warlords and dicttors to build huge armies.

    I wass shocked. Pleasantly shocked, but still shocked to hear such intelligence from a DC cabbie (though, the foreigners are usually very intelligent)

  2. SayUncle » Gun sales up Says:

    […] Not only in Iraq, but here in the states too: Since the Sept. 11 terror attacks and especially since Hurricane Katrina, Americans are taking pro-gun positions. Both events underscored the ease with which civil order can collapse, and have renewed people’s interest in home security. […]

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