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Half way there

Finally got the lower half of the 9mm complete:

Superior Arms lower receiver
DPMS parts kit
Uncle BrandTM single point tac sling
Pro Mag 9MM magazines
Vltor collapsible modular stock
Rock River Arms 9mm magazine block
RRA 9mm hammer
RRA 9mm buffer
ETA: and a GG&G single point sling mount.

Update: BTW, is it possible to be in love with a rifle stock? I really like cheek weld on that thing, it’s so comfy. Seriously, I could sleep on it.

8 Responses to “Half way there”

  1. Marc Says:

    Very Nice! Half of the way there!

    I need to rest my cheek on one of those stocks so I can feel what you mean.

  2. Xrlq Says:

    BTW, is it possible to be in love with a rifle stock?

    Why not? About a decade ago, one of my wife’s our cats fell in love with a shotgun barrel.

  3. Xrlq Says:

    Damn, strikethrough no worky.

  4. Drake Says:

    That single point is intriguing. What’s the damage on that if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. Drake Says:

    Never mind. I’m still asleep.

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Drake, you’ll need a single point mount too, like this one (scroll down)

  7. Alston Says:

    I fell in love with Vltor stocks 3 years ago, and put one on all my rifles.

  8. Chris Byrne Says:

    I ove the VLTOR as well, but the price.. oy.

    I think the MagPul is a better stock for less money. The cheek weld isn’t as nice and it'[s not as good looking though.

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